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May 07,2007

Environmental Protection FREE OF CHARGE !

Freudenberg Group and Gekatex SAS  launch Wet Line “Novoclean” range of products. 

25th April 2007 both companies agreed to jointly commercialise the Wet Line range of products.  Based on Freudenberg’s unique Evolon non woven microfiber technology Gekatex manufacture pre saturated hi-tech surface treatment wiping systems using their own water based degreasing and anti static formulated liquids under the Novoclean brand.

Gekatex is committed to support the automotive and transport industry in their efforts to eliminate VOC emissions actually present within their paint prep areas.The usage of IPA or Heptane is to be completely banned by 2008 from all our plants , says Mr. Macchi  Group Director for Worldwide Health and Safety at FIAT with whom Gekatex tested their products prior to approval for one year.  FIAT Group Plans to use the system in all their plants by the end of 2007 as first deliveries are made this month. 

Other customers such as PO and Faurecia confirm the efficiency and important particle defect reduction leading to vast cost in use decreases in overall paint result by honouring Gekatex with their orders. 

The highest savings were obtained by one of the French based bumper manufacturers reducing his reworks by 70% and obtaining more than 300.000 € annual savings after the first year of usage of the Novoclean system in their plants. 

Freudenberg labs will release their study on competitive materials together with Gekatex in September 2007 in a joint publication on the websites of both companies. Followed by an International Marketing support mailing to all European end users.

 “FOR FREE”  claims Ronald Beys MD of Gekatex , since the wet wiper can after initial usage be washed and re-used hundreds of times as a soft polishing cloth replacing the actual purchased woven microfibers often bought today at expensive prices ! 

NOVOCLEAN environmental surface treatment systems comes in special UV protected alu film dispenser bags and soon also in plastic and metal buckets in a variety of weights and sizes.  For more product detail visit our websites www.gekatex.com under Product – Wet Line