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Nov 5, 2007

The BERO Company Phylosophy

« Our Dream » 

We dream of a CompanyWarm as fire, open as the lightand eternal in movementas a floating river 

We dream of a corporationSatisfying the needs of human being, Seeking support and piece of mind.Where eyes, mouth and hands find a languageto accomplish our common goals. 

We dream of a group of peopleWhere living is celebratedTrust and unity of the people within their rangsAnd their multicoloured cultures,united with their times and their aspirations. 

We dream of a team where hope is celebrated Place to practice and keep awake the task given to all of us in justice, symbol of our own strengthcarried by human beings for centuries. 

We dream of a place for each one of us searching inour group and willing to share what has been found,Or who wish to feel at home, in trust and united in our living society of people 

We dream of a company, supported by it’s surroundingsculture and determination of its management ; Where the spirit is willing to progress. 

We dream of the committment of our souls, Which without prejudice and in all solidarity, can represent the saltwherever people strive for the best in respondingto the desire of each human heart. 

Together we are strong.  L’union fait la force ! 

Ronald Beys