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Nov 6, 2007

Historical day

1st November 2007 was a historical day for the Bero Company.  The company received DUN & BRADSTREET Number 52-721-8722 allowing it to proceed with it’s efforts to obtain global supplier contract with Volkswagen Group Worldwide as well as with several other global car manufacturers.  The Chinese based Company is 100% Foreign owned and operates primarily within the automotive OEM market in China as well as the ASEAN Countries and also serves as logistic and export basis for Gekatex France.  

A separate export company has been created in Hong Kong to ensure our customers can order and pay for a range of professional surface treatment products and still benefit from the support of their local distribution partners for the service aspect of the products in use.  Bero Company in close cooperation with Gekatex France and their more than 45 international distributors will serve the more than 36 Volkswagen Plants across the world.  Our portfolio feature specialised liquid filters in non wovens materials,  specialised wiping cloths for sealant and solvent wiping,  buffing pads as well as buffing compounds and microfibers for polishing as well as water based pre saturated panel wipes.Bero is also specialised in tailor made anti static and fire retardant robotocover manufacturing on size supplied for instance to Ford in Chongqin and Nanjin.  

« This is a major breakthrough in the future expansion of our business goals » says Ronald Beys , owner of Bero Nonwovens in Qingyuan.  The company which has started its operations in 2006 has seen strong double digit growth ever since and is one of the most professional converters and suppliers of surface treatment products within the Chinese and ASEAN countries specifically tuned to automotive OEM business, boating and yachting, aérospace and nuclear industries.   

The Company is debt free and a financially strong partner on which customer can count long term to receive quality products from reliable and audited sources , backed up by a professional management team under the supervision of Mrs. Chengxiu Gu it’s Managing Director.